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About the group

Hi and welcome to Cosplay4you!
This group was made so people can share what ever cosplay pictures they want, whether it be W.I.Ps, convention pictures, photoshoots, make up tutorials, anything :)
There is only two rules for this group, one, make sure that if your picture has nudity, or whatever, that the mature content filter is on.
And two be nice to other cosplayers and members ^^
If you wish to be a contributer then please message one of the admins :)
Thank you for reading :hug:

Group Info

Founded 5 Years ago
Apr 11, 2012


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377 Members
331 Watchers
12,559 Pageviews
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Hi all!! This is just a blog journal thingo to state why I made this group! :D
So, when I was first starting out cosplaying, I found it hard to find a place on DA to submit my new cosplays, and I was intimidated by all the professional looking one, so after a while of cosplaying I thought, "What if there was a group for everyone to put cosplays of any sort!" So I made this group ^^
Here you can submit any, and all cosplays! Whether they be convention slefies, W.I.P's, professional photo shoots, anything! :D
I want this group to be a nice, happy place filled with rainbows and sparkles, for cosplayers to come together and share their cosplays :iconawwwplz:
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I can't figure out how to submit to anything but the featured, and I looked and saw that others had the same problem-I hope the solution is still just to submit them there, either way, I'm sorry for the extra work on your guys' part.
netaarts Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry for the very very late reply, but really just subit your deviants wherever you can! it doesnt really matter anymore ^^ 
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